Taylor 810CE Sitka Spruce and Indian Rosewood Cutaway Pre-Owned 2014 ID-13667

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25 1/2"
Nut Width:
1 3/4"
Sitka Spruce
Indian Rosewood
In Stock

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Taylor 810CE Sitka Spruce and Indian Rosewood Cutaway

One of the true icons of the Taylor line, the 810ce is highly appointed with its figured maple binding, abalone rosette, 800 series fingerboard inlays, Ebony peghead overlay, and a graceful venetian cutaway.  This particular Taylor 810CE definitely possesses the tone that Taylor fans have grown to love... bright, clear, and distinct.  Playability is also incredible with fast action and the thin neck that Taylor made famous.  A 1 3/4" nut width makes chording nice and easy with lots of room for complex shapes.

This guitar also features a built-in pickup system, The Taylor Expression System 2. The ES 2 delivers an amplified tone that will satisfy the most demanding pro player, yet makes it simple for anyone to plug in and sound great.  The Expression System incorporates three different magnetic sensors. Two strategically placed Dynamic Body Sensors affixed to the underside of the soundboard capture the complex nuances of the top's vibration, while a Dynamic String Sensor mounted beneath the fretboard extension registers string and neck vibration. 

The preamp, developed with collaborative input from pro audio pioneer Mr. Rupert Neve, boosts the pickup signal cleanly, without the need for artificial EQ "coloration". The balanced, low-impedance signal the Expression System produces can run direct into a mixer or PA in most situations, and is free of distortion at almost any volume.

This Pre-Owned Guitar is in Very Good Condition w/ a couple scratches on the top and back(see photos) and 1 very small ding/chip on the headstock(see photos).

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Taylor 810CE